28 February 2009

as promised....

photo journey to TX.

made it to the metro, barely (a journey in itself)

Crissa spent some time in the airport studying how to live the southern lifestyle :)

of course, cereal was our staple food supply. unfortunately, we ran out before we left D.C.

first stop: the big D--visiting my wonderful sister and brother

final destination: d'field @ 1 a.m.
i will have mom's utterly confused yet full of joy face forever imprinted in my memory

ahhhhhhhh i think i came home just to soak up this view. Crissa and I spent the morning walking my favorite road in the world and breathing in the crisp clean gorgeous air of TX

oh, don't worry, Crissa fell in love :)

6 years of cheerleading for the beloved Brahma bulls...really? yes.

sweet potatoes=best road snack ever

walking in Memphis :)

too bad we already ate dinner...

starbucks saved our lives

not to worry--we stole more cereal from momma

next stop: capital of country music

the newest inductees :)

crissa's first time to enter into the cracker barrel of the south

she was in awe of the candy selection

i found exactly what i needed. peeps. truly on my top 5 favorite things list.

we made it! miss black cherry carried us all the way home :)

we made rules for ourselves in order to not overuse the car when we can clearly get around on foot/public transportation. plus, i honestly enjoy the freedom of not having a car. so we decided to mostly use it on the weekends for grocery shopping and running errands.

confession: we have used it everyday. probably 3x a day.

needless to say, the rules have changed and we have fallen ever more in love with miss black cherry

17 February 2009

I'll do anything for a story :)

Saturday morning I woke up around 8:45 and mossied (word?yes.) down my 3 flights of stairs to the kitchen to make my fav. tea (today:goodearth white tea with vanilla). A couple of my fellow roommies (Crissa&Erin) were down stairs reading and sipping on some coffee. We began to discuss what we were going to do with our 3 day weekend...

Crissa: "Oooooh let's go to Roosevelt Island (sweet place to hike/run trails)!"

Me: "Sounds great--how do we get there?"

Crissa: "Ummm, we could metro and then maybe catch a bus...I wish we had a car."

Erin: "Yea, me too."

Crissa: "We could use my zip car..."

All: "hmm yea..."

Erin: "OR, We could buy a car on Craig's List..."

All: "oooo now that's a great idea! let's go in together to buy a really cheap car on Craig's list and then if it breaks it really won't matter."

(we are extremely logical thinkers. just wait)

(Erin searches on Craig's list. no luck. best result: bright red 15 passenger van. awesome, but not practical when you need to parallel park on our street)

Erin: "hmmm What about Ebay?"

All: "oooo yea yea Ebay seems more professional and reliable."

(Erin searches on Ebay. again, no luck.)

All: "..."

Me: "I mean I have my car in Texas...we could fly to Texas and drive my car back."

Crissa: "yessss! we could totally do that!"

Erin: "I'll look up tickets! Emily, where do you fly in?"

Me: "DFW, but I mean...really? you want to fly to Texas?"

Crissa: "Heck yes! This is the best idea yet!"

Erin: "The ticket is only $120!!!!"

(lots of screaming and shouting...)

Betsy enters the picture, slowly walking down the stairs: "guys...what in the world is going on?"


Betsy: "What? Why?"

All: "We're going to get Emily's car!!!!"

Betsy: "Wait, you want a car to go to Roosevelt Island--so you are going to fly to Texas and drive Emily's car back...?"

All: "yessssssss! a;lsdkfjawoeifj!!!!"

(lots of jumping and screaming. i told you this only got more logical)

Me: "ok ok let's think about this. i'll call my dad and see if the car would be ready to go if we came and see what he thinks...let's go for a run and pick up some groceries at eastern market and then come back home to decide"

1:30 p.m. rolls around...Crissa and I in the kitchen all sweaty and making some lunch

Crissa: "Ok if we are going to go we need to buy our tickets now"

Me: "uhhhh....(thinking thinking)...Ok let's do it! the plane leave in 2 hrs we have to hurrrrrrry!!!!"

1:35 p.m. buy ticets

2 p.m. leave house for airport(minor detail: we find out a little too late that the metro is not working...)

3:30 p.m. board plane (with a few minutes to spare)

9 p.m. Anna and Steve pick us up from airport

1 a.m. arrive at mi casa in D'field

My mom had NO CLUE i was coming. complete surprise. she had woken up to go to the bathroom when i arrived home...i snuck in her bed and snuggled in under the covers. you can only imagine what happened next. her jaw dropped for a good 3 minutes...shaking...lots of tears...crazy laughter.

pictures to come soon. and stories from the road (all 1,221 miles of it)

the day started with wanting to go to roosevelt island and we ended up in daingerfield.

ohhh life. you are funny.