25 April 2008

not a 'cool' blog

the blog idea didn't work out so much this semester.

life got in the way, and obviously blogging wasn't too high on the life list.

but that will change very soon :)

school is coming to a close and in 3 weeks I will be on a plane to Mexico ...and in about 4 months I will be moving to D.C.

[traveling is obviously and purposefully high on the life list]

I always blog more consistently when I am traveling. it is a connection device for me, and i've come to terms with that.

although... i still struggle with wanting my blog to be 'cool'--you see, i hesitate when typing my thoughts or my day to day stories. i have a problem with wanting to write things that will make people ponder or perhaps even make you like me more. how junior high is this struggle? seriously.

so i'm coming out in the open.

i am unapologetically telling you that my blog probably won't be as 'cool' as the last one you read. so to whoever is reading this, i just want to clear up the expectation level. don't really expect anything poignant. or don't really expect anything at all. then maybe when one day comes along and the words on my blog jump off the screen and produce crazy insane inspiration. well, you will just be pleasantly surprised then.

whew. ok that was freeing. glad we are all on the same page. less pressure is great.

really, the only person i know who reads my blog is my mom and well...let's be honest she will always think i'm the queen of cool and thats enough for me :)