16 September 2009

O God,

Help me discover the gifts you have gien me and how to use those gifts in a way that is worthy of the giver. Help me discover something of who I am from the things that I write, whether those things are a letter or a journal entry , a poem or a play, a novel or a note to a friend. In those lines and between those lines help me discover how to live my life. Grant that I might live it honestly, without pretensions or pseudonyms, and fragrantly, with the aroma of extravangant love spilling from the brokenness of my heart onto yours.

~a prayer for discovery

14 September 2009

Ocean City Triathlon!

Headed to the beach again this weekend! This time, for something all together different than the previous mentioned R&R.

Saturday morning as I packed up my swimsuite and googles, I kept questioning if this was actually happening. (Mind you, the kid googles from Target are probably not the best to use when doing a sprint-triathlon, but in an effort to save money--they actually did quite well!)

I don't consider myself an "athletic" person, but I do enjoy working out and I like to make that a priority in my life. However, I have NEVER competed in a race. When first approached by Melanie back in May about doing a Sprint-Tri, I really didn't give it a second thought. Sprint-Triathlon? Me? That's just not something I do.

But, then I started thinking about it and realized that it would be a good challenge and would allow me to change up my workout. I easily am distracted and bored if I keep doing the same thing at the gym. Reason #1 I don't think I'd be able to do a marathon or even half-marathon. All you do is run, and that is very daunting. But--a sprint-tri? As soon as you are tired of swimming, you start biking! As soon as you are tired of biking, you start running!

So this is what it looked like...

.35 mile swim, in the ocean.
13.5 mile bike
3.1 mile run, on the ocean shore

Here is me at the finish line! After traveling on/in the ocean, the road, and the shoreline~

Here is the wonderful family and friends that convinced me to do this. They cheered me on the whole way!

Some things I learned:

1) They write your age on your calf in permenant marker. I'm convinced this is done to push you harder. I mean, it doesn't feel too good to have someone pass you that has 53 written on their calf.

2) Be prepared for changes. We arrived at the race and learned that the running leg would be on the shoreline (like, on the sand instead of on the road).

3) If you don't have a road bike, you should prep yourself to be passed by everyone. It's ok, there is always next time. :)

4) All technical skill goes out the window as soon as you hit the waves. It was as if I forgot all the things I did while training.

But, I accomplished all of my goals:

1) Do not stop!
2) Do not be last!
3) Have fun :)

It's probably safe to say that I have been bitten by the bug. I am already looking at road bikes online...

But for now, all I want is a big juicy hamburger and french fries!

04 September 2009

date with obx.

headed to the coast for some r&r.

could not be more terrified and grateful to have this time away. time away from the chaos (chaos: typically refers to a state lacking order or predictability--yep my life, check check). i haven't updated too much recently, but much has changed and continues to change. i'm not in a place to articulate it all quite yet, but stay tuned...

so yes, time away.

time away from the internet (save mr.bb), time away from job searching, time away from logistics, time away from the 8-5, time away from suits, time away from...

and time away to enjoy, to stop, to sit, to read, to wear t-shirts, to meditate, to soak up, to love, to run, to swim, to play...

obx, i have never met you, but i feel a bit like a 16 yr old girl on her first date, nervous/excited and all knotted up.

see below, my new 3 day home: